There are advantages to use our experts for tax return if  you have one of these situations:

  • Owning Your Own Business–If you own your business or you are self-employed, an accountant can help you to file your taxes correctly and keep you from making any mistakes. Your accountant can also help determine how much you should pay for your quarterly estimated tax payments.
  • Buying a New Home–When you buy a new home, your tax picture should change dramatically. An accountant can make sure you are taking advantage of every benefit available to you and help you determine how to adjust your withholdings.
  • Major Life Changes–Any major life changes maybe a good reason to use an accountant. if you got married, had a child or went through a divorce, an accountant can help you adjust the way that you do your taxes. Again, you may just need to use an accountant the year you have these changes.
  • Failing to Pay your Taxes in the Past—If you have not filed your taxes in the past, then you should reach out to a professional for help. A tax accountant can help you file several years’ worth of taxes and may know of programs offered by the IRS for people in this situation. The IRS may be willing to set up a payment plan and it helps to have an accountant work on your behalf to make sure everything is filed correctly as you attempt to rectify the issue of failing to pay your taxes in the past. You may also want to contact a tax attorney when you do this. Your accountant may be able to recommend one that work specifically with situations like this.


Quest CPA consultants offer various tax related services for individuals and businesses.

  • Personal income tax returns
  • Corporation income tax returns
  • GST returns
  • T4 & T5
  • Tax planning for Corporation and Personal
  • CRA tax audit for Corporation and Personal
  • Non-resident Tax
  • Inheritance/Esate Tax